Why This Las Vegas Homeowner Ditched NV Energy for Vir Solar!

How Mia Eliminated Her Power Bills

Mia has lived in Las Vegas for over 43 years and has owned three different homes during that time. She has paid a lot of electricity bills. 

Mia finally eliminated those electricity bills two years ago after being approached by one of Vir Solar’s energy advisors. As a numbers person, Mia was happy when her energy advisor brought her a proposal that showed her exactly how much she could save by switching to solar. Once she saw it with her own eyes, it was a no-brainer. Within 3 weeks, Mia had her panels up and began generating her own power!

Mia’s #1 Reason For Switching to Solar Energy

When asked what her #1 reason was for switching to solar energy, Mia named the rapidly rising energy rates in Las Vegas. While the rates were something she had no control over, switching to solar was entirely in her control. By going solar, Mia took back control and locked in her energy rate for 20 years!  She is no longer at the mercy of the power company. What’s more, she’s also reducing her carbon footprint by using green technology to power her home for her family.

Why Mia Recommends Vir Solar?

Mia goes on to say that she believes Vir Solar is the #1 Solar Company in Las Vegas. “The customer service and team is extraordinary,” she says. “They are honest, they take the time with you, they care about their customers, they care about their representatives, and they care about the environment.”

Thank you, Mia, for trusting us. We are thrilled that you had a great experience working with our company.

If you are a homeowner in Las Vegas and you want to cut ties with the rising energy rates from the power companies, tap your power bill below and get an instant savings quote from one of our energy advisors!

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