Why This Las Vegas Couple Chose Vir Solar: “We’d Do it All Over Again”

Megan and her husband are homeowners in Las Vegas. Just like many Americans, they shop around for all the necessary utility expenses that come with owning a home — phone, internet, cable, electricity — and they thought they were getting the very best deals.

But then they were approached by some friends who told them they could be saving a lot of money on their electricity bill. 

How? By installing a solar panel system. 

The couple hadn’t really thought about “going solar,” even though they’d heard many people starting to do it. But the benefits sounded tempting: they could save money on their electricity bills, get a tax credit, and help to protect the environment.

So they reached out to Vir Solar for more information.

According to Megan, “Vir Solar came right in and analyzed our bills for us. They showed us clearly how switching to solar would help to save us money and allow our home to be more sustainable for the environment.

Why go solar?

There are many reasons why Nevada homeowners are choosing to go solar. The main reason: it’s going to save you money. Switching to solar panels can significantly lower your energy bill, especially in places like Nevada during the hot summer months.

But a lower energy bill isn’t the only way to save money by going solar. Installing solar panels also increases the value of your home.  And by doing your part to protect the environment, the government will reward you. Yes, you can qualify for a tax credit by switching to solar. 

Vir Solar Las VegasAnother reason people are choosing to go solar is to help protect the environment. Opting for renewable energy is one way to do your part. Just an hour of the sun’s energy could power the entire globe for one year. The more people switch to solar, the more we can access that energy. By choosing solar, you reduce your carbon footprint and make an impact on saving our environment.

Why choose Vir Solar? 

Vir Solar Las VegasVir Solar is committed to providing homeowners with the best solutions to lower home energy costs.We pride ourselves in our customer service and ensuring that all of our clients are satisfied and happy throughout the process. Best of all, we make it easy for you to switch to solar.

Our dedicated solar experts will guide you every step of the way until you see the savings go into your pocket! We have served over 300 customers in the Las Vegas Metro Community and have helped them save a combined $8.5 million. We are dedicated to  keeping those numbers rise, continuing to save homeowners money while making a powerful impact on the environment.

But don’t just take our word for it. Ask Megan.

We switched a few months ago,” she said. “The install went super smooth, they answered all of our questions. We would absolutely do the whole process over again and we highly recommend them.

Want To See How Much You Can Save? Here’s How:

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