What NV Energy Doesn’t Want You To Know That Will Save You Thousands!

There’s something that NV Energy doesn’t want you to know… and it could save you thousands of dollars. 

Electric Rates are Rising at Historical Rates

Since 1990, the average price per kilowatt hour has almost doubled nationwide and they are going to continue to increase at a fast rate due to President Biden’s plan to switch the US grid system to 100% renewable energy by 2035.

This plan is going to force NV Energy and other big power companies to raise their rates to stay in competition with solar.

What does these mean for NV Energy Customers?

NV Energy has a lot of control. You pull power from them every single month – and they charge you for that power every single month. If you don’t pay your bill, they shut your electricity off. And if they want to raise their rates – they’ll raise their rates. They can do whatever they want, and you have no say in it because they own that power.

Simply put, you are going to pay more money every month to NV Energy for the same amount of energy you are currently using. So, if you’re average monthly power bill is $100, in 5 years you will be paying upwards of $150/mo for the same amount of energy.

So how can you gain some control over your electricity?

Go solar. Its the only way to take control and start owning your own power to where YOU control the rates. Plus the out-of-pocket cost for solar is less than what you’re currently paying to NV Energy right now. 

Zero Down SolarWhen You go solar, you are essentially swapping out your NV Energy Bill for a cheaper solar payment that is locked in and will never change. This guarantees that you won’t be a victim to the rising costs of electricity.

But even more, going solar gives you control.

Think of it this way: would you rather rent your home or own it? Typically, people want to buy their homes. Owning gives you equity and control.

Well, the same thing happens with power. You want to own your own power. Putting a solar panel system on your roof allows you to become in control.

Of course, NV Energy doesn’t want you to know this. By switching to solar, you take the power out of their hands. They no longer have you at their mercy. They can no longer charge you “through the roof” and raise their rates at will.

The best part about going solar is that NV is required by law to purchase back your unused energy from your panels and credit you for them!

How Much Can You Save By Going Solar?

There are many things that determine how much you can save by switching to solar like the size of your home, how much sun you get, and how much power you are currently using on a month to month basis.

However, not everyone’s home qualifies for solar…

The best way to find out if your home qualifies is to request a proposal from us.

Our team of engineers will assess your roof and let you know if you qualify and how much you can save by switching to solar.

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