The 3 Things You Need To Know Before You Go Solar

Are you interested in going solar but have some doubts? Are there things you’ve heard that may be stopping you from making the next move? Take a look at these top three things you should know about solar before you write it off. It just may be that the only thing standing between you and a solar panel system is a bit more knowledge.

1. There are typically zero out-of-pocket expenses.

A lot of people see a solar system installed on someone’s home and immediately think it’s super expensive. With all that equipment, it looks like a massive upgrade to a home. People commonly jump to “there’s no way I can afford to go solar.” But the thing is, people who qualify for solar will actually pay no money out of pocket. The way it works is that the consumer will not make any payments until solar is installed and producing the energy that eliminates their power bill. So not only is solar not “too expensive,” it actually saves you money. The goal for reputable solar companies , like VIR Solar, is to make sure you are paying less with solar than you are with your power company. For homeowners who qualify, there’s never a dime out of pocket. The idea is that you’ll be eliminating a bill that you already pay and replacing it with one that’s cheaper, locked in, and will never increase. 

2. It can actually help with the resale value of your home. 

People who hope to sell their home someday are especially resistant to installing solar. That’s because they’ve been told that it’s impossible to sell your house if you have solar installed. Realtors in the past may have had clients who had a Solar System Lease, which means in the event of a sale, the company who owns the system could put a lien on your home. This is not what happens with all solar companies. At VIR Solar, we only do ownership programs, which means you own the system and in the event of a sale of your home, the solar system can be transferred to the new buyer, or you can add it to the value of your home and pay it off at escrow. We don’t do leases because it is not in the best interest of our customers.

Either way, installing a solar system is a way to increase the resale value of your home. Real estate listing websites actually have a separate section for energy-efficient and solar properties, as this is a huge draw for many buyers now. Prospective buyers looking at a home with solar will be incentivized by the fact that they either can move into a home with zero power bill or have a flat, manageable monthly payment that will not change. 

3. Past Experiences with Net Metering Caps Can No Longer Occur

A lot of people are scared away from solar because they’ve heard of issues that occurred in Nevada in 2015 when net metering got capped. There are things that will keep this from happening again. The first is the Assembly Bill 405 (AB-405) signed into law by Nevada’s Governor Sandoval in 2017. This law reinstated net metering for solar customers and protects the industry and its clients.

The other thing that prevents issues like this is choosing a reputable solar company who is licensed and only uses employees who work under that license number. It’s best to stay away from companies who subcontract. Doing so means you’ll avoid scenarios in which companies deflect responsibility if issues occur down the road.

If hearing about past negativity keeps you from wanting to call and set up an initial solar consultation, know that past experiences have been remedied and are now completely avoidable. Always go with a company who is licensed from head to toe and uses only employees who work under that same license number. Also be sure that you have your permit and net metering agreement approved and in hand before you let the company install the system on your home.

The fact is, Governor Sandoval signed AB-405 into law because solar is much better for the grid system, the power lines, and the environment. The bill was put into place because solar benefits the state as a whole in addition to individual consumers. 

If you’d like to learn how to eliminate your electric bill without spending a penny out of pocket, Tap Your Average Monthly Power Bill Below and we will generate a free energy savings estimate for your home. Once you become educated about solar, there will be 0 reasons why you don’t have it! 

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