It’s normal to ponder the cost of solar systems and whether they are worth it. In a time when every homeowner wants to cut down on living expenses and save as much as they can, we understand! Many people believe that the cost for solar power for home use is high and not worth the investment. With the initial installation to consider, you may be under the impression that this is an unnecessary expense.

Fortunately, Vir Solar does not require you to pay upfront for installation costs. On the contrary, solar panels installed by our team will help to significantly reduce your monthly electric bill. Not only do you stand to save money on your monthly costs, but any homeowner with an installed solar system in the U.S. can leverage tax incentives for additional savings. Add that to the fact that you barely need to maintain your solar panels over the decades, and you’ve got a long-term investment!

At Vir Solar, we also offer solar panels and prices that are customized to your needs, giving you just enough to keep your home running comfortably for you and those you share it with. This means that nothing is ever excessive, and you only end up paying for what you really need. An honest and transparent pricing structure allows us to give you the best service at the best rate.

Our pricing plan allows you to have a solar system installed without having to worry about the cost of installation or labor. We use a no-money-down solar financing structure, which means that you’ll pay a manageable fixed rate that significantly cuts down on your monthly electricity expenditure instead of paying out-of-pocket for the initial installation. This payment structure makes solar more affordable and accessible for most homeowners, virtually eliminating the any financial concerns associated with solar power. 

Because we want you to see the real and measurable benefits of having a solar energy system at home, we also estimate how much you can expect to save by having one installed. Based on your current energy bills, we’ll be able to tell you how solar power compares.

Solar panels increase the value of your home and save you thousands in monthly bills. This means that no matter how much you spend on buying the panels and having them installed (which is $0 with Vir Solar), you’ll always get more out than you put in. If that’s not the true definition of an investment, then we don’t know what is!

Get in touch with our team for your free estimate on the cost for solar power for home use. You can also use our quick and simple online system to tell us about your current energy usage, your location and the amount of sun your home gets. We’ll use this information to get back to you with a quote that’s perfectly tailored to your home.

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