5 Ways You Can Avoid Solar Panel Scams in Las Vegas

solar panels las vegas

Residential solar panel systems have been making a comeback in Las Vegas.

Especially during this pandemic, people are understanding that installing a solar panel in your home can be a great way to save money and protect the environment. But unfortunately, scammers are taking advantage of the industry boom and misrepresenting themselves. 

Here are some ways to avoid solar panel scams.

# 1 Verify That They Have a Website

Some solar panel companies may sound professional on the phone at first, but they aren’t legitimate. Especially nowadays, robocallers will just dial your number and try to get money out of you over the phone. 

Reports have shown that these companies get down payments and then completely disappear, with no trace to be found. 

With a website you can verify that they are a real business. Make sure to check for a phone number, and street address.

Black Belt Tip – check the website for a license number, usually located at the bottom of the website 

# 2 Request a ZOOM Call and Face To Face Meeting

Many scammers will try to conduct business over the phone and can even throw up a quick website. They will almost always avoid face-to-face contact.

Your next step, especially during this pandemic would be to request a ZOOM call where you can actually “see” the person you are dealing with and ask all of the questions that you need to. This will give you peace of mind.

#3 Ask For Examples of Savings

Going solar may or may not make sense for you, if you are working with a reputable company they should have examples of savings.

The average solar panel system can save you $10,000-$30,000 over the life time of your system. But beyond that the savings also depend on your energy market and time of year.

In Las Vegas, especially during the summer time rates will soar, so it should be easy for the person you are working with, to provide you with results of real savings. 

#4 Get It In Writing 

Keep in mind, too, that some scammers will promise you big savings in order to gain your trust or make it seem as though you don’t have a choice but to speak with them. A scammer will rarely if at all be able to produce proof in writing.

A big way you can avoid be scammed is to ask for everything the person you are speaking with in writing. If they are being honest it should be easy to them to provide what is called a “Request for Proposal” 

 A “Request For Proposal” will outline everything that they said and give you peace of mind that you are receiving legitimate service.

# 5 Ask For ZERO Down 

Another way to avoid solar scams is go with zero down. Scammers generally try to get money from you right then and there and will make you feel like are pressured to give them money over the phone. They will often be very pushy in terms of asking for instant payment.

And honestly there is no reason for you to pay any money out of pocket for your Solar Panels.

Here at Vir Solar we are familiar with many federally incentivized programs that allow home owners just like you to get massive discounts on solar panels, tax breaks and even zero down on equipment and installation.


A FINAL WORD ON Las Vegas solar panel scams

We understand that adding solar panels to your home may be one of the biggest decisions you can make and are here to help you through every step of the process.

Often times, many of our customers have brought down or even totally eliminated their electric bill.

Here at Vir Solar we understand that adding solar panels to your home may be one of the biggest decisions you can make and we want you to be happy with your savings.

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